This blog is about designing your life, i.e. improving your daily routines in tiny ways that adds warmth and beauty to the most mundane. It’s about creating memories and making lasting impressions for those you love the most, your friends and family…and while you’re at it, why not for yourself. As a 15 year breast cancer survivor, former-single-working-mother of two and recently married to the love of my life, I have come to realize that surrounding oneself with love, peace and beauty has been an important part of my path to wellness. Choosing the right colors, flooring and designs for a space, at work or at home, in my humble opinion, is just as essential to ones wellbeing as taking a multivitamin or enjoying a cup of hot green tea daily. If you’re going to do something, why not do it right and make it beautiful?

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Recent Posts

  • What Kind of Flooring Should I Install?

    If you or someone you know are thinking about tackling some renovations or updates to your home this’re probably a little torn between “if, how much and where” to use carpet, hardwood floors or rugs...or a combination of each.

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  • Facing the Giants with Joy and Love As Your Weapons

    The saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” is one of my favorite sayings. In fact I used it just today and can’t help but smile each time the words pass my lips. Why you may ask, it’s because it serves as a reminder that there so many things most people “sweat” and stress over that really don’t phase me much.

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  • Hardwood Floors Through the Lens of 2018

    There will be a continuing refinement and expansion of harder to achieve hardwood visuals, which essentially includes layers of multi-step “hand-touched” effects, parquetry and sawn, cracked or crackled visuals in chalky-matte finishes of warm grays, neutral-whites and driftwood or barnwood grays, just reinvented to feel fresh and new.

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  • The Finkells: Factories Behind Fences

    Inmates in the Turney Correctional facility outside of Nashville, Tenn., have the opportunity to work at a fully-functioning flooring plant inside the gates of the prison. America OEM Wood Floors, Don Finkell's brainchild, has a huge focus on social entrepreneurship. He started the company four years ago and fired up manufacturing two years later.

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